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Inspired by our iconic Cookies logo, the Toke Deck puts a fresh spin on the classic hand pipe. We’ve reimagined it as a miniature skateboard, complete with fully rotating wheels that add a tactile element to your sessions.

Crafted from premium materials with our signature attention to detail, the Toke Deck is designed for both style and substance. The strategically placed mouthpiece, carb, and bowl work together to deliver a smooth, satisfying hit every time.

But the Toke Deck isn’t just a pipe – it’s a conversation piece. The eye-catching design and interactive features make it the perfect centerpiece for
any coffee table or smoking lounge.

Whether you’re enjoying a solo sesh or sharing with friends, the Toke Deck’s unique form and function are sure to impress. And with its compact size and durable construction, it’s ready to go wherever the good vibes take you.

Ready to experience the Toke Deck for yourself? Head to CookiesGlass.com to add one to your collection today. And be sure to check out the product video on our site – check it out below.

At Cookies Glass, we’re all about creating products that make your sessions more enjoyable and memorable. The Toke Deck is just the latest example of that commitment and having fun with it. Visit CookiesGlass.com to add this extraordinary piece to your collection today. Your coffee table will
thank you.

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